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Yellow fever FAQ | Away Clinic

Yellow fever disease transmission life cycle | copyright Away Clinic

The most frequently requested vaccine we provide at Away Clinic is the yellow fever vaccine. It is required for travel to many African destinations and recommended for certain parts of South America. Yellow fever is spread by mosquitoes carrying infected blood from humans or non-human primates. Please see our frequently asked questions below:

  1. How do a get a yellow card for proof of yellow fever immunization?

  2. Why is the yellow fever vaccine so hard to find?

  3. What are the side effects of the yellow fever vaccine?

  4. When should I get the yellow fever vaccine before travel?

  5. Yellow fever is a live, attenuated vaccine. What does that mean?

  6. How is yellow fever spread?

Avoiding yellow fever and what to do if you get it:

  1. How can mosquito repellent help prevent yellow fever?

  2. How is yellow fever treated?

  3. Who is most at risk of contracting yellow fever?

Most people only need one yellow fever shot to last a lifetime:

  1. How long does the yellow fever vaccine last?

  2. Do I need a yellow fever vaccine booster?

  3. Is the yellow fever vaccine good for life?

People traveling to areas with endemic yellow fever (mainly in parts of Africa and South America) should get the yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before they arrive in their destination country unless (a) they've already had it or (b) they're in a vulnerable group (too old, too young, compromised immune system).

  1. Do I really need to get a yellow fever shot?

  2. Is the yellow fever vaccine safe for mature adults?

  3. Is the yellow fever vaccine safe for people with egg allergies?

Where is yellow fever?

  1. Yellow fever in the Amazon

  2. 2022 year-end update about yellow fever in central Africa

Here are some more comprehensive guides on yellow fever and the yellow fever vaccine:

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