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Puerto Peñasco, Mexico (Rocky Point) Dentist Trips


If you like to save money and like to have fun, this Mexico dentist trip is for you!

Rocky Point, Mexico (known to the locals as Puerto Peñasco) is not only a border town, but it's also a beach town. This is Arizona's beach, just a 1-hour drive from the Arizona border. What a great way to get affordable dental care and some valuable R&R at the same time!

Upcoming trip dates

September 27, 2024

4 day/3 night

$550 for solo travelers, $900 for couples.

Spots left


Dental Clinic

Discover the Perfect Blend of Health and Travel with Away Clinic

Are you ready for a unique blend of health, adventure, and unbeatable savings? Join us for a 4-day, 3-night trip to the beautiful coastal town of Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Mexico, and receive top-quality dental care at just a quarter of the U.S. price!

What’s Included:

  • Lodging: Enjoy comfortable accommodations for 3 nights in a cozy, well-appointed hotel near the beach.

  • Transportation: Relax with our all-inclusive transportation package, covering your journey to and from Rocky Point.

  • Dentist Recommendations: Benefit from our curated list of trusted, highly-rated dentists to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Hosted by Away Clinic

Your trip is hosted by Away Clinic, a highly rated travel vaccine clinic known for its exceptional service and commitment to health and wellness. We take care of all the details so you can focus on your dental care and enjoy your stay.


Why Choose This Trip?

  1. Unmatched Savings: Save up to 75% on dental procedures compared to U.S. prices.

  2. Expert Guidance: Our expert team provides personalized dentist recommendations to match your specific needs.

  3. Stress-Free Travel: With lodging and transportation included, you can travel with peace of mind.

  4. Beautiful Destination: Explore the scenic beauty of Rocky Point, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture.

Please Note:

Food and Dental Care: While we provide recommendations for excellent dental services, the cost of dental care and meals are not included in the package. Enjoy the flexibility to choose your dining experiences and dental treatments. You're also on your own for transportation around town though we provide a phone number for a great taxi service. 

Image by Chris Arthur-Collins

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What sets Rocky Point apart?

The great thing about Rocky Point is that it's a border town that's easy to get to from Phoenix or Southern California, but it's also a resort town with a sandy beach and warm, calm ocean waters. 😎 🏝️ 🍹 There are other border towns that cater to dental tourists from the U.S., but Rocky Point is the only one with a beach. Just think about it. 💡

How good are the dentists in Rocky Point?

It really varies depending on where you go and who you get. At Away Clinic, we specialize in helping people choose the most highly experienced, skillful dentists in Rocky Point. English language skill is also important to most of our U.S. clientele. We will make sure your dentist and their staff can communicate with you effectively. A key member of our team actually lives in Rocky Point. Please give us a chance to help you have an amazing experience!

What is the beach like in Rocky Point?

It is definitely very sandy. There are miles and miles of sandy beaches. It can be warm in the summer but not like Phoenix. There are always plenty of American tourists in Rocky Point at any given time. You can really choose your experience in Rocky Point--either isolating yourself from the world at one of the resorts, or mixing with the locals in town. There's something for everyone.

How long does it take to get to Rocky Point?

It is about a 4 hour drive from the Phoenix area. 🛣️

What are the advantages of going with Away Clinic rather than going alone?

We add value in several important ways:

  1. Helping you find the right dentist. We know the dentists and practices in Rocky Point. We continuously collect data on everything that is going on down in Rocky Point with dentistry. Even choosing a dentist in the U.S. can be risky without a referral. We will make sure your dentist is skillful, experienced, and fluent in the English language.

  2. Helping you navigate the language barrier: With an organized tour, language difficulties you might experience on your own are substantially diminished. We take care of all the coordinations for you and our bilingual (and local) staff is available if any questions arise.

  3. Accommodations and transport: You don't have to plan or coordinate your travel or lodging. We take care of all of that for you, ensuring you have a good experience. This helps you avoid scams, bad service, and time spent researching online.

Does it cost more to go with an organized tour (vs going alone)?

Not really, or at least not much. We get paid mainly through group discounts we negotiate with travel vendors.

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