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Away Clinic

Travel Vaccines & Trips

Phoenix AZ Clinic

Away Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona is a travel clinic that provides vaccines for international travelers, including yellow fever, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, and other hard-to-find vaccines. We keep all major travel vaccines in stock at all times. Our highly-trained and experienced travel health nurse can tell you exactly what immunizations you need for any trip abroad. In addition to vaccines, we also offer malaria prescriptions that can be filled at any Arizona pharmacy.  We also have travel clinics in Scottsdale and Chandler

2811 Agua Fria Fwy Suite 1 Studio 27, Phoenix, AZ 85027


Why choose Away Clinic for travel vaccines?

Expertise, Value and Convenience


Travel Health Expertise

Our awesome travel health nurses exclusively see travelers like you. Whether you're going on an ocean cruise or an exotic jungle excursion (or anything in between) we have got you covered! 


Better Value than Other Travel Clinics

We are able to keep our vaccine pricing below other travel medicine providers by keeping our overhead low and our appointments brief. Yes, you're in and out quicker and you save money. Win, win. 


Convenience to Travelers

Consider these convenience factors:

  1. We stock all major travel vaccines at all times at every location. Stockouts are exceedingly rare.

  2. We do not require a prescription.

  3. We can often get you in to get your shots the same day or next day from when you call.


We stock both oral and injectable typhoid vaccine at all times

The U.S. CDC recommends the typhoid vaccine for nearly every exotic place you'd want to go in the world.

We are an Arizona-state-certified yellow fever vaccine provider

The yellow fever vaccine is required at least 10 days before travel to many African countries. We keep the yellow fever vaccine in stock at all times. 

Molecules Bio

Porsche R., RN

Travel Health Specialist

Molecules Bio

Jenn Robb, PA

Travel Medicine Prescriber

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Jenell M., RN

Travel Health Specialist

Vaccines that may be recommended or required for your trip

Your vaccine recommendations are based on requirements of your destination country and CDC guidelines. Here are some of the most common vaccines we provide:

Chikungunya Vaccine

Tetanus Vaccine

Tick-borne Encephalitis Vaccine

Routine Immunizations

Hepatitis A Vaccine

Polio Vaccine

Malaria Prescriptions

Typhoid Vaccine

Meningitis Vaccine

Cholera Vaccine

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

For the most up-to-date pricing information, see our vaccine price list.

Getting to our travel clinic in Phoenix, AZ

Our Phoenix, AZ clinic is conveniently located near the intersections of the I-17 and the 101 in North Phoenix. From the 101, turn south on 27th Avenue. Turn in to the Target shopping center at your immediate right. After you drive by Target, you'll see a location that says "Salon" on the left. Away Clinic is inside the Salon! 

If you run into any difficulties finding our Phoenix clinic, just call us at (480) 712-8865.

Read our safe travel guide.

Find out what vaccines are recommended or required for your trip.

To book an appointment you can either use our online form or give us a call at (480) 712-8865.

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