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How do I get a Yellow Card for Yellow Fever Vaccination?

The yellow fever vaccine is required at least 10 days before entry into many countries, whether for a quick tourist visit or immigration, particularly in Africa. This is important not only to safeguard the health of the traveler, but also to protect the local community from outbreaks. In order to facilitate entry into your destination country, you should be sure you do the following:

  1. Get the yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days prior to arrival

  2. Don't lose your proof of yellow fever vaccination and make a copy of it just in case.

  3. Make sure the name on your yellow fever vaccine card matches the name on your passport and other official documents.

  4. Make sure you visit an approved yellow fever vaccine provider, such as Away Clinic.

Where to Get a Yellow Card for Proof of Yellow Fever Immunization

To obtain a yellow vaccine card with proof of yellow fever vaccination, you must visit a travel clinic, which is certified to provide the yellow fever vaccine by your state. When you receive a yellow fever vaccination, you will be presented a ‘yellow card’ showing proof of vaccination, otherwise known as the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. This card is good for the rest of your life.

Your Yellow Fever Immunization Will Not Expire

Originally, there was a 10-year rule regarding yellow fever vaccines. A booster every ten years was required for entrance into many destinations. The World Health Organization discontinued this rule in May 2014. If you have an older yellow fever vaccine card, it may indicate it is expired. This shouldn't be a problem due to the new rules but it is very possible that agents at your port of entry will not be familiar with the updated rules and may not honor a yellow fever certificate that says it is expired.

California Yellow Vaccine Card vs International Yellow Vaccine Card

It would cut down on a lot of confusion if the State of California would go to a white vaccine card like everywhere else. A yellow California vaccine card is not an internationally-recognized vaccine card and it can not be used for yellow fever certification or to get you into countries that require a yellow fever certification for entry.

A Yellow Fever Vaccine Card Is Sometimes Required for Visa Applications

If you need a tourist visa to visit your destination country, the yellow card is usually mailed with your application. You want to take pictures or copies of your yellow card if it gets lost. If you can show proof of prior vaccination, you can get a new yellow card written by a certified yellow fever vaccination center.

If You Lose Your Yellow Fever Vaccine Card:

Some clinics have a flat fee for new yellow cards, while others require you to receive at least one other vaccination at their clinic. Your records must show the manufacturer's name and lot number with your personal information to be eligible for a new yellow card. If you think you may have received a yellow fever vaccination before, you can sometimes find the record through the state immunization registry. In the event you can track down your prior vaccination record, you may be able to get a new yellow card to show proof at your destination country. If you are unable to track down your prior yellow fever vaccination records, you will need another yellow fever vaccine to enter your destination. A yellow fever booster does not hurt you, it only helps your immunity.

Making an Appointment to Get the Yellow Fever Vaccine

Make an appointment at any of the Arizona Away Clinic locations to get a yellow card for yellow fever vaccination. Get protected and safe travels!


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