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Travel vaccines for children

Family vacations can be an awesome time to make memories with your children. International travel comes with its own to-do list to be ready for travel. Depending on your location, child's age, and duration of trip, there are a few vaccines to think about.

#1: Typhoid

Typhoid comes from bad food or water. If a chronic typhoid carrier does not wash their hands well after using the restroom, and prepares your food, that is one way you can get typhoid. The vaccine for typhoid is available in injectable form for patients 2 years of age and older, or a pill form for 6 years and older.

#2: Yellow Fever

Yellow fever vaccination is required for some countries in South America and Africa. Children aged 9 months and older are the best candidates for vaccination. A yellow card shows proof of vaccination and is now good for life after the WHO got rid of the 10 year rule regarding yellow fever vaccination.

#3: Cholera

The cholera vaccine is an oral vaccine that is drank with water. It is used for travelers aged 2-64 years old who are traveling to areas with cholera outbreaks for extended periods of time. It is a live, attenuated vaccine like yellow fever. The cholera vaccine is highly effective for up to 90 days after vaccination.

#4: Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis is part of the childhood vaccine series in Japan, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries. It is recommended for travelers aged 2 months and older going to areas with Japanese encephalitis.


If your child has received all of their routine childhood immunizations, these are the main travel vaccines to think about prior to departure. You need to complete your vaccination series at least 2 weeks before departure to allow your body to make antibodies to the disease.

Some people intend on seeking medical care and getting vaccines at their destination country, but these vaccines are not likely to be effective until you return home for most trips <10 days. If you are not a citizen, payment for services is often expected in cash and insurance does not cover out-of-country care.

Make an appointment at any of Away Clinic's Arizona locations to get information about which travel vaccines are necessary for your trip. Get protected and safe travels!


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