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Gentler Yellow Fever Vaccine in Trials Offer Hope to Travelers over 60

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Lagos, Nigeria

YF-VAX is a live virus vaccine for yellow fever that can cause problems for travelers over 60 years of age, but a new vaccine in clinical trials could be the solution.

MESA, AZ, Sept. 28, 2022 - Away Clinic is proud to offer the yellow fever vaccine to international travelers residing in Arizona. As a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Center, we provide protection and documentation to those needing a ‘yellow card’ to enter their destination in South America or Africa. Cruise Lines such as Holland America Line and Norwegian Cruise Line offer multiple voyages to Africa and attract thousands of globetrotters.

For some travelers, their age or health status may prohibit them from receiving the vaccine because it contains a live virus. “HydroVax-002 YFV” is a new, inactivated vaccine currently in clinical trials. This new vaccine could offer protection from yellow fever to travelers over 60 who are not candidates for the current vaccine.

Travelers who are unable to receive the yellow fever vaccine are encouraged to change travel plans to avoid areas with risk of yellow fever transmission. For those whose travel is unavoidable, a medical waiver is issued. Whether the medical waiver is accepted is on a country-by-county basis, so entrance is not guaranteed.

Of those that travel to high risk areas and contract yellow fever, the CDC cautions 20%-50% of infected individuals who develop severe yellow fever infection die. Yellow fever vaccination used to be required every ten years, but the World Health Organization revised their standing to state a single-dose provided life-long protection. If someone receives a ‘yellow card,’ they will be able to enter any country requiring a yellow fever vaccination for the rest of their life.

Call 480-712-8865 to learn more about yellow fever vaccination.

About Away Clinic

Away Clinic provides vaccines to individuals who are planning to travel to some of the world’s most exotic locations. Away Clinic’s two locations in the Southeast Valley (Scottsdale and Chandler) continually stock all vaccines that a traveler may need. In addition to vaccinations, we provide malaria prescriptions and travel health education. Andrea An, MD of Gilbert, Arizona, is the medical director.

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