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Travel Vaccines | Away Clinic in Chandler, AZ

Away Clinic in Chandler, Arizona is a travel clinic that provides vaccines for international travelers, including yellow fever, typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, and other hard-to-find vaccines. We keep all major travel vaccines in stock at all times. Our highly-trained and experienced travel health nurse can tell you exactly what immunizations you need for any trip abroad. In addition to vaccines, we also offer health and wellness coaching at our Chandler clinic. 

2201 W Fairview St #1, Chandler, AZ 85224, USA

Travel vaccines and other services

Vaccines & travel health

Our skilled travel health nurses can tell you what vaccines you need for your trip and administer the vaccines in the same visit. This includes hard-to-find vaccines like yellow fever and typhoid. 

Vitamin IV therapy

If you need a quick vitamin boost, ask about our vitamin IV therapy. 

Health & wellness coaching

If you could use a little help living a healthier lifestyle (diet, exercise, good habits, etc.) we can help!

Primary care (coming soon)

We are adding primary care to our practice in the near future. Please check back!

Nice Nurse

Dr. Andrea An

Medical Director & Owner

Paige E., RN

Operations Coordinator & Travel Health Specialist

International immunization card and vaccine syringes

Yellow fever certifications

As an Arizona-state certified yellow fever vaccination clinic, Away Clinic is able to offer the yellow fever vaccine. This also means that Away Clinic can provide you with proof of yellow fever vaccination in the form of an internationally-recognized and accepted yellow vaccine card. This official vaccine card is necessary for entry into many African countries. In addition to the yellow fever vaccine, Away Clinic offers typhoid, Japanese encephalitis and any other vaccine you may need for your trip abroad. Read more about yellow fever

Getting to our travel clinic in Chandler, AZ

Our Chandler, AZ clinic is conveniently located just north of the L-202 San Tan Freeway in Chandler.  Depending on where you're coming from, you may take I-10, the 101 or the 202 to get to us. Our clinic is located near Chandler Regional Hospital. Our cross streets are Pecos and Dobson Road. From the L-202 San Tan Freeway, head north on Dobson Road until Fairview Street (just before Chandler Regional Hospital) and turn left on Fairview. Our clinic is located at 2201 W Fairview. It is on the south (left) side of the road. Look for Neurology Associates signs. We are colocated with Neurology Associates. If you run into any difficulties finding our Chandler clinic, just call us at (480) 712-8865.

Check out our Safe Travel Guide

Tips for safe travel, travel supplies checklist, travel insurance, travel shopping lists. 

Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Why is the typhoid vaccine so often recommended for travelers? 

The typhoid vaccine is recommended for nearly every part of the developing world, including most tropical and many sub-tropical locations, because the disease is easily transmitted through contaminated water and food. Anywhere you go, if you want to eat or drink while there-you are at risk if there is active typhoid transmission in the area. Things that can increase the risk of typhoid transmission include poor sanitation and water contamination. Unfortunately, most of the developing world lacks the sewer and water systems you may be accustomed to in the United States. Additionally, the people preparing your food may be infected with typhoid without knowing it. Typhoid is treatable, but an estimated 128,000 to 161,000 die from typhoid every year. We do provide the typhoid vaccine at Away Clinic and we can advise you on whether you need it and what the risk level is for your trip. We also offer yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and any other vaccines you may need for where you're traveling to. Read more about typhoid.

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