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What shots do I need for East Asia?

If you are traveling to East Asia, you may need to get vaccinated before you go. The shots you need will depend on (a) what part of East Asia, (b) how long you're staying, (c) what you will be doing while there, and (d) your immunization and medical history. 

East Asia vaccine checklist

Japanese encephalitis and typhoid in East Asia

Typhoid and Japanese encephalitis are the two most frequently recommended vaccines for travel to East Asia. Both of these vaccines are safe and effective. Both of the diseases they protect against are deadly or disabling. 

Typhoid vaccine: This vaccine provides protection from typhoid fever which is mainly spread through contaminated water. You can choose from an oral vaccine or an injection. Typhoid can be treated with antibiotics but extremely drug-resistant typhoid has become prevalent in Pakistan and other areas.

Japanese encephalitis vaccine: This vaccine protects against Japanese encephalitis virus which is spread by mosquitoes. 

JE and typhoid

Talk to a travel health nurse 

Perhaps the most important thing when preparing for you travels is to consult with one of our highly trained and experienced travel health nurses in your area so that you can get (a) expert health advice and (b) the correct vaccinations and medications for your trip. 

talk to a travel health nurse
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