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Who can Administer Vitamin IV Therapy?

What kind of certifications or education does someone need to be able to place an IV and give medication, fluid, or vitamins?

Registered Nurses

It is most likely that you would have an RN place your IV. Registered nurses initiate IV access for patients in hospitals, clinics, outpatient centers, and more. Any RN with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing can start your IV therapy, and there are also certifications available to those with extensive training.

LPNs with an IV Certification

LPNs, or licensed practical nurses are able to start IVs with special training. LPNs typically work in nursing homes and schools, where IVs are not common. There are LPN-RN bridge programs that LPNs can take to become Registered Nurses, though.

Nurse Practitioners/Physician’s Assistants

With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are able to order and administer IV therapies in most states. They may even own some of the popular IV bars in your area.


Paramedics have more training than EMTs and can perform a wide variety of skills needed to save lives outside the hospital. With few supplies and lots of pressure, paramedics have to act quickly.


EMTs are able to start IVs with special training. They usually only work outside of the hospital or clinic setting in the back of ambulances, but you may find them working in IV bars. They are well-versed in emergency care and providing CPR.


Physicians can start IVs, but they don’t usually do it often. Usually nurses and other personnel see patients before physicians, so they already have IVs in place by the time the doctor comes by.

Wherever you are getting IV therapy, never be afraid to ask someone their qualifications. They are usually happy to tell you what their training is. Your health is worth a lot, and if you don’t feel comfortable receiving care from an individual you don’t feel is qualified, you can always leave.

Anyone providing IV therapy should be trained to provide emergency assistance such as CPR, rescue breaths, give an EpiPen, and more if you happen to have an allergic reaction to the IV fluids. IV hydration helps you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world again, make an appointment at Away Clinic’s Mesa location to get your daily dose of vitamins.


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