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How long before traveling should I get the typhoid vaccine?

Updated: Jun 8

The timing for getting the typhoid vaccine before traveling can depend on the type of vaccine you receive. There are two typhoid vaccines available in the U.S.: the injectable vaccine and the oral vaccine. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Injectable Typhoid Vaccine (Vi Polysaccharide):

    • Single-dose: If you opt for the injectable typhoid vaccine, a single dose is usually sufficient for protection. It provides protection for about two years.

    • Timing: It is recommended to receive the vaccine at least two weeks before traveling to allow your body to develop immunity. However, even if you're unable to get it ten days in advance, getting the vaccine closer to your travel date is still beneficial.

  2. Oral Typhoid Vaccine (Ty21a):

    • Multiple doses: The oral typhoid vaccine is administered as a series of capsules or tablets. Typically, four doses are required for full protection.

    • Timing: The vaccination series should ideally be completed at least one week before travel. The final dose should be taken at least one week prior to departure to ensure adequate immunity.

It's important to note that the typhoid vaccine does not provide 100% protection against the disease. Therefore, it's recommended to take additional precautions such as practicing good hygiene, drinking safe water, and consuming safe food while traveling in areas where typhoid is prevalent.

Always consult with a travel health specialist for personalized advice based on your specific travel plans, health history, and any additional factors that may affect the timing of the typhoid vaccination. They can provide the most up-to-date information and recommendations tailored to your individual needs.



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