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A guide for soon-to-be Latter-day Saint missionaries in Arizona

Pre-mission health checklist

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Physical exam

Wisdom teeth and other dental issues


Recommended vendors for missionary preparation in Arizona





Chandler, AZ and Scottsdale, AZ

Travel vaccines

​One-stop shop for travel vaccines

Mesa, AZ

Same day physical exams

​Nurse practitioner, Mark Hinde gets people in and out fast, with or without an appointment. Prices are very good too. He does take most major insurances.

Mesa, AZ and Phoenix, AZ

Routine childhood vaccines

Vaccines are free for children. Be sure to go in before age 18

Mesa, AZ

Male missionary apparel

This is the most well-known, longest running missionary outfitter in the state. Missionaries are their primary business.

Mesa, AZ

Female missionary apparel

​This is a bookstore that carries mainly Latter-day Saint books. The store also has an apparel section that is popular with future female missionaries.


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