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A collection of brain health resources

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Here is a collection of brain health resources that you can use to make better decisions with your health. While medical providers can be incredibly valuable, it’s really up to all of us to ensure we are living healthy, active lifestyles to stave off disease. Quality of life is usually determined more at the supermarket than the medical clinic. That being said, here are some useful resources to get you started:

This resource evaluates the recommendations of Dr. Weston A Price who recommended a more natural diet. Nearly 100 years ago, he became concerned about a huge increase in dental decay (he was a dentist). He traveled the world looking for small pockets of people with perfect teeth and documented their diets. The idea is that a diet that produces perfect movie star teeth (no crowding or decay) can also produce a perfect body.

This resource provides three suggestions for enjoying brain health later in life (though of course there’s no guarantee): (1) better diet and exercise; for example replacing white bread with whole grains, (2) seek to improve your relationships, (3) stay active and have a purpose.

This Mayo Clinic blog post gives 5 suggestions: (1) exercise regularly, (2) get plenty of sleep, (3) eat a mediterranean diet, (4) stay mentally active and (5) remain socially involved.

A lot of these suggestions overlap and they all agree that keeping your brain healthy is something that is at least partially in your control. If you want to live a healthy and active life so that you can enjoy if for longer, take steps today! If you are someone who struggles to make and keep goals, you should consider doing health and wellness coaching. A health and wellness coach is someone who can work with you to hep you change your habits (eat, sleep, diet, kick addictions, etc.) and get you on the right track.


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